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All American Sprinkler & Landscaping, Inc

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Professional Lawn Sprinklers

Aurora, CO

Our lawn sprinklers are top-notch. We do triple coverage to offer a green yard with no burn spots, offering a water-saving design. We also install drip zones for plants and gardens. All plants are regulated individually, depending on each plant's needs. We take pride in our sprinkler services in Aurora, CO, and we want to make sure that you understand your system and that you don't overwater.

Complete Sprinkler Installations

At All American Sprinkler & Landscaping, Inc, we offer a number of installation services for your sprinkler systems. Our landscaping team will first start by determining the best layout and positioning of your sprinklers to give the maximum coverage to your lawns and gardens. This way, your entire yard will be covered without too much overlap or wasting water.

After a layout is determined, our team will take care of your sprinkler system installation. We have the tools and skills needed to properly install each component of your system, ensuring that everything works correctly. This includes everything from laying pipe, installing sprinkler heads, and configuring the control system for your sprinkler.

Our work features offerings like:

  • 1 and 3 Year Warranties
  • 1" Poly Pipe - Lifetime Guarantee
  • PVC Supply Lines
  • Drip System (Separate Zone)
  • Conforms to all State, County Codes
  • Turn On's and Winterization by Appointment
  • All Copper and Brass Above Ground
  • No Burn Spots Guaranteed
  • Garden System (Separate Zone)

Contact us when you need services to install your sprinkler systems. We proudly serve Aurora, CO, and the surrounding areas.